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Hello! Hello!


Welcome on Fred PL Photo! For those who wonder why I do this type of photography, what is my vision, here’s my answer. It is because I think, WOMAN, the women are beautiful. I think they are art. Yes, of course, physically: their hair, their beautiful curves, the texture of their skin, the look of their eyes but it’s also so much more.


In addition to all I mentioned before, they’re beautiful because they show their vulnerability, their fragility, their scars, their tattoos, their marks and also, in another way, their confidence and their power.


They don’t wear any clothes, they can’t hide. And, that takes some guts!!!


To catch their personalities is important to me. They’re all different, they have all different stories, all different experiences in life, all different backgrounds.


They also share with me their intimacy so they deserve all the RESPECT in the world!


So I have to say thank you to the models, to the women I shoot with. Thanks very much for who you are, thanks for your trust and thanks for the moments we spend taking some photos. Without the models, there is no Fred PL Photo! So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


So now, thanks to the subscribers or future subscribers, who support my art, who support my vision, I appreciate very much your trust and I wish that you enjoy or that you will enjoy your Fred PL Photo experience. Cheers!

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